Citizen Journalist smashes nutrition myths head on

don't ear leass eat right pic
Source Axiom Health and Fitness

Social media has certainly changed how individuals seek their health information. Traditionally, making a doctor’s appointment with your GP would be the first port-of-call. Unfortunately, those days are fading.

The increase in social media information sharing over the past 20 years has allowed health seekers to source information about everything known to men. With unlimited amounts of health information available via the internet through (but not limited to) Google, YouTube, Facebook and blogs, health seekers have been left with an even bigger decision to make; put simply – who to believe, what is truthful?

Health conscious and confused about what to eat and what to feed your family?

Are you continually asking yourself, what should my diet contain?

As a nutrition student studying Bachelor of Nutrition at University of the Sunshine Coast, I too am trying to get my head around the do’s and don’ts of the health industry. If I listened to all the confusing information on social media and didn’t pay attention during lectures at uni, I too would be confused.

As limited research goes into creating some of the health messages on social media, citizen journalism is being questioned.

However, a pleasant find

During my many years of conducting research throughout my degree fortunately, the research has taken me to a well written citizen journalist who is located on the Sunshine Coast. And…… I hope through sharing with you, helps to clarify some of your nutrition questions.

Finally, a citizen journalist you can trust

Nutrition guru and the chef
Source Nutrition Guru and the Chef

‘The Nutrition Guru and the Chef’ is encouraging individuals to kick the fad diets and superfood craze and ‘enjoy a slice of chocolate cake’OK, I hear you ask is this person for real? Is this citizen journalism gone mad?

Alright, stay with me here. This isn’t another confusing one hearing a nutritionist quote ‘life is too short not to enjoy a slice of chocolate cake’ does sound like another confusing comment, I get that.

But, let me explain.

No-nonsense nutritionist Tara Leong is hitting nutrition myths head on with her approach to reveal the truth about nutrition fads and trends around food. Tara blogs around food topic’s such as;

And yes, Tara even talks about ‘The Superfood Wankery List’, (her quote not mine).

Source The Superfood Wankery List

Tara aims to teach people the real truth about food by providing credible research to back-up her claims.

Tara’s blog is a wonderful example of ‘extraordinary people doing extraordinary things’. Nutrition Guru and the chef is a blog that I have been following that represents an extraordinary health model. This blog is backed by scientific research that is credible. Tara shares her finding by applying a realistic approach to Healthiest Approach to Weight Loss.

Citizen journalists have the power to encourage public awareness around millions of topics globally but, if nutrition information is not shared in a professional manner with no-one being accountable, this can send out misleading information that can have catastrophic affects and can be detrimental to human health.

How often do you view information from a citizen journalist and question its credibility?



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